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The nearest airport to the wedding is the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). It is located in Mississauga, just outside Toronto, about one hour from the wedding location.          
Toronto Pearson International Airport website       
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Hotels around the airport

Terminal Map - Terminal 1
Terminal Map - Terminal 3

Find cheap flights
Our favourite websites for booking flights are Kayak and Expedia.

Hints: You can search 3 days before and after a date with Kayak to make sure you get the cheapest fares if you're not picky about exactly which days you want to fly on. If you make an account on their site, they can also monitor the searches you choose to watch and notify you by email when the price changes. Expedia also has great deals, but not as many search options as Kayak. If you book with Expedia, make sure you check the Canadian site versus another (especially European) site... the fares are usually cheaper and the price is in Canadian dollars (versus the more expensive Euro or Pound).

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